Dispensing doctors

We are only too aware of how demanding life in dispensary is and the challenges your practice has to face in terms of time and staff resource; while having to meet ever increasing demands in quality of patient care and manage all the processes and policies within the NHS.

Alliance Healthcare and Forte its Dispensing Doctor membership organisation is driven to help you to gain the best from your Alliance Healthcare account.

Our aim is to assist your practice to streamline ordering, giving choice and transparency of product, negotiating competitive pricing and discounts for your practice. We work in conjunction with a large number of suppliers to bring your practice a full range of purchasing options including branded, surgical and generic products and administration services.

The key benefits to Forte membership are:

  • Access to the whole range of stock within the Alliance Healthcare service centre without incurring a low spend surcharge
  • No returns surcharge
  • Wholesale eligible medical and surgical terms with no thresholds
  • Enhanced NWOS fees and access to Manufacturer Discount Schemes (MDS) from applicable surgical suppliers
  • Access MDS schemes more readily that could provide benefit to the practice
  • Enhanced RWA discounts on selected manufacturers
  • Options for generic purchasing to gain supply efficiencies and price clarity.

New customers should complete the general enquiry form. Existing Alliance Healthcare account holders should contact your local Business Development Manager, who will talk through the benefits of membership allowing you total flexibility to choose what your dispensary wishes to take advantage of.

Prescribing only doctors

Alliance Healthcare UK is able to supply Personally Administered items to General Practices in England and Wales.

To open an account please complete the below form and send to Riskteam@alliance-healthcare.co.uk

If you have an account, to place your orders with Alliance Healthcare, please use the following:

Order online: Our online ordering platform Alliance Healthcare Direct is the simplest way customers can place orders.  For assistance with set up for an account please contact Customer IT on 0800 032 2454 or email Customer.IT@Alliance-Healthcare.co.uk

Customer Service: To place orders over the phone, please contact 0330 100 0448, or email the dedicated team at CSGPSales@alliance-healthcare.co.uk