E-missings portal has an exciting new home!

Visit www.myahportal.co.uk to access E-missings portal via the new Alliance Healthcare Portal.

Alternatively, customers can still login to E-missings portal system by clicking here.   

What are the benefits of our e-missings portal?

You will see and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quicker processing of missing claims - no waiting for your driver to collect the form.
  • Reduced risk - operating in a safe and secure setting, ensuring the email doesn't get lost.
  • Quicker responses - when your claim has been passed for credit, with automated email confirmation.
  • Reduced information - to verify your account, all you need is your account number and postcode.
  • More efficient claims process - the ability to claim for a whole parcel without writing out each line.
  • Simple to use - just type in the pip-code and the system will identify the rest of the description for you.

Terms and Conditions

Please bear in mind that any other type of return process i.e. damages, or products ordered in error remains the same. Time frames for claims and returns will also remain the same. To remind you, credits for missings must be submitted within three days of delivery, or immediately for a Controlled Drug'. Please refer to our T&Cs for claiming missings 

How will we support you?

To help get you started, we have prepared a video user guide that we advise you to refer to in the early stages of using the new service. Click on the picture below to see the user guide!

You can also look at the PDF user guide 

Should you require support at any stage, simply contact our Customer Service Team on 0330 100 0448

We're doing things differently

With your support and feedback, we're identifying new ways to make doing business with us easier. So to help us further improve our e-missings process, why not tell us your feedback as we'd love to hear from you.

If you have any questions as a result of your participation, please email them to CSMissingGoodsClaims@alliance-healthcare.co.uk and a member of our team will get back to you.