Class 4 (Caution in Use) Dicycloverine, Nefopam, Nortriptyline, Pregabalin & Trazodone

Class 4 (Caution in Use) Dicycloverine, Nefopam, Nortriptyline, Pregabalin & Trazodone

Focus Pharmaceuticals has identified an error with the barcodes on the cartons of the below batches of products. When scanned, the barcodes may identify the wrong product. The other product details on the carton, including the name, strength and pharmaceutical form of the medicine are correct..

Please visit the: MHRA website for more details on this drug alert.

The affected products' details are as follows:

PIP Code Product Description Supplier Affected Batches
Alliance do not stock Dicycloverine 10mg per 5ml Oral Solution Focus Pharmaceuticals Ltd DAN1K61
Alliance do not stock Dicycloverine 20mg tablets Focus Pharmaceuticals Ltd DAP1K61
Alliance do not stock Nefopam Hydrochloride 30mg Film Coated Tablets Focus Pharmaceuticals Ltd 17081B1
8143646 Nortriptyline 10mg tablets Focus Pharmaceuticals Ltd 51702
8143653 Nortriptyline 25mg tablets Focus Pharmaceuticals Ltd 51608A
8143638 Nortriptyline 50mg tablets Focus Pharmaceuticals Ltd 51610
Alliance do not stock Pregabalin Oral Solution 20mg per ml Focus Pharmaceuticals Ltd 51708
Alliance do not stock Trazodone 100mg capsules Focus Pharmaceuticals Ltd TAS1A75

For stock control queries please contact: 08708 877025 or customercare@concordiarx.com


For any medical information enquires please contact the Medical Information Department via e-mail medicalinformation@concordiarx.com or telephone on 08700 703033


Please return all affected stock to your original supplier for credit. Unfortunately we can only accept stock purchased from us (Alliance Healthcare Distribution Limited). Any other stock will be returned to your stores/Pharmacies.

If you have any questions, then please contact your local Service Centre Customer Services team.