Guidance on the new controlled drugs requisition forms

Guidance on the new controlled drugs requisition forms, effective 30 November 2015

From 30 November 2015, all healthcare professionals (including dispensing doctors, GP surgeries, private doctors, nursing homes and NHS hospitals without a registered pharmacy) will be required to provide their wholesaler with a signed requisition form to be delivered Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs.  

Please note: Pharmacies are not required to complete this form when ordering Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs from a wholesaler.

The mandatory requisition form is available here.

To enable us to check that the form has been completed correctly, please scan and email (or fax) your completed, signed order forms should be faxed to 01773 813196 or emailed to cshospitals@alliance-healthcare.co.uk as soon as possible

Your order should still be placed in the normal way via your PMR system.

Please note: In order for us to supply your controlled drugs in a timely manner, we will need the completed signed order forms to be received by Alliance Healthcare in time for the form to be checked prior to the release of your order before your cut off time. Failure to provide correctly completed signed orders will prevent us from supplying you with your order.

Please keep the original signed copy of the requisition in a safe place at your site as our driver will have to collect it before delivering any Schedule 2 or 3 Controlled Drugs to you. If you are unable to provide it, we will not be able to make the delivery.

Authorised Practitioners Signatures

As part of the changes, we are also required to hold an up to date database list of healthcare professionals who are authorised to order and receive controlled drugs from Alliance Healthcare.

If you have not recently supplied us with these signatures, please fill in this form and email it to RiskTeam@alliance-healthcare.co.uk

Please also use this form to notify us of any changes to the list of the practitioners who are authorised to order controlled drugs from your practice or organisation. A new form must be submitted each year.