We’re doing things differently – reducing call waiting times

We're doing things differently – reducing call waiting times

We're working on ways to reduce call waiting times for our customers, so that you can spend more time helping patients and their customers.

It's quick, easy and secure to order electronically through your PMR system or through Alliance Healthcare Direct, our online ordering platform. Depending on your requirements, PMR ordering can potentially save you money via the correct cascading and purchase options. By ordering online, you'll get an instant stock response outside of customer service hours and it also helps with our efforts to improve availability of our customer service teams - for when it really matters.

As well as our ongoing service improvement, we've also invested time and resource to optimise Alliance Healthcare Direct and can provide accurate and reliable stock status updates every 10 minutes. Just one of the many ways we're making doing business with us easier. You asked – we've delivered.

Visit alliance-healthcare.co.uk/doingthingsdifferently – for more information.