Class 2 Drug Alert Diclo-SR 75 Tablets (Diclofenac Sodium)

Strides Pharma UK Ltd trading as Co-pharma is recalling the batches listed below as a precautionary measure due to high trending stability results obtained for the impurity test

Class 3 Drug Alert (Action Within 5 Days) Sunvit D3

Sunvit-D3 Ltd is recalling the below batch because there is a minor labelling omission, product is safe to use and the manufacturer will credit/exchange the stock.

Class 3 Drug Alert (Action Within 5 Days) Sorbsan

Aspen Medical Europe Ltd is recalling all the below batches of Sorbsan to patient leveldue to incorrect labelling issues with these products.

Class 2 Drug Alert on Viridal 10mg and 40mg

UCB Pharma Limited is voluntarily recalling the above batches as a precautionary measure due to a possible issue with the integrity of the cap seal which may result in a lack of sterility assurance.

Class 2 Drug Alert Ergometrine Injection BP 0.05% w/v

Hameln Pharmaceuticals Ltd are recalling the below product because the contents of some ampoules do not comply with the required specification.

Class 4 Drug Alert (Caution in use) Mirena 20 Micrograms

Bayer plc has informed us that they have received two complaints globally concerning Mirena inserters with an insertion tube which is mounted inversely to the handle. This has resulted in inversion of...

Class 4 Drug Alert (Caution in use) Amoxicillin 125mg & 250mg

Medreich has received several complaints that the child-resistant caps on the above mentioned products are difficult to open. This follows the introduction of a new child-resistant cap with a red...

Class 2 Drug Alert Evacal D3 1500mg/400iu Chewable Tablets

Teva UK Limited is recalling the above batches as a precaution because metal contamination has been identified in a very small number of tablets.

Class 3 Drug Alert - Hydrocortisone 100mg/1ml Solution for Injection

Concordia International (formerly AMCo) is recalling the above batch as a precaution following the receipt of a number of complaints that the solution in some ampoules has a yellowish appearance.
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