Class 2 Drug Alert Sodium Cromoglicate 2% w/v 13.5 mL Eye Drops

FDC International Ltd is recalling the batches listed below as precautionary measure due to a precipitate observed in the bottles.

Class 2 Recall on Microdot Lite Lancet 1.8mm/28g (200)

Cambridge Sensors Ltd is recalling the above batch of Microdot Lite Lancet 1.8mm/28g over the concern of safety mechanism failure.

Class 4 Recall on Human Albumin Biotest 5% And 20%

Biotest UK Ltd is recalling the listed batches due to low level contamination which occurred during manufacture.

Class 2 Drug Alert Healon 0.55ml & 0.85ml

AMO United Kingdom Ltd has voluntarily initiated this recall action because a remote possibility exists that certain Healon OVD solutions in the affected lots may contain microscopic particles due to...

Class 2 Drug Alert Diclo-SR 75 Tablets (Diclofenac Sodium)

Strides Pharma UK Ltd trading as Co-pharma is recalling the batches listed below as a precautionary measure due to high trending stability results obtained for the impurity test

Class 3 Drug Alert (Action Within 5 Days) Sunvit D3

Sunvit-D3 Ltd is recalling the below batch because there is a minor labelling omission, product is safe to use and the manufacturer will credit/exchange the stock.

Class 3 Drug Alert (Action Within 5 Days) Sorbsan

Aspen Medical Europe Ltd is recalling all the below batches of Sorbsan to patient leveldue to incorrect labelling issues with these products.

Class 2 Drug Alert on Viridal 10mg and 40mg

UCB Pharma Limited is voluntarily recalling the above batches as a precautionary measure due to a possible issue with the integrity of the cap seal which may result in a lack of sterility assurance.

Class 2 Drug Alert Ergometrine Injection BP 0.05% w/v

Hameln Pharmaceuticals Ltd are recalling the below product because the contents of some ampoules do not comply with the required specification.
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