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Class 2 Recall on Epistatus 10mg/mL Oromucosal

Torbay Pharmaceuticals has informed us that the child-resistant container closure for Epistatus 10mg/mL Oromucosal Solution (Multi Dose Bottles) may be faulty and incorrectly engaged. The child...

Class 2 Recall on Ranitidine Oral Solution 30mg/Ml & Ranitidine 150mg Creo Ltd & Tillomed Ltd

Creo Pharma Limited and Tillomed Laboratories Limited are recalling all unexpired stock of the below products from pharmacies as a precautionary measure due to possible contamination with an impurity...

Class 2 Recall on Ozurdex 700 micrograms intravitreal implant in applicator

Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ireland is recalling the below batches due to the possibility that a single loose silicone particle of approximately 300microns in diameter may become detached from the needle...

Class 2 Recall on Fiasp Flextouch 100u/Ml

Novo Nordisk received a customer complaint from UK related to Fiasp, batch was examined microscopically and found to be out of specification (OOS) as particles were detected in insulin.

Class 2 Recall on Seretide Accuhaler 250mcg 60DS

Glaxo Wellcome UK Limited is recalling the above Lot of Seretide Accuhaler 50/250mcg because a manufacturing issue with this Lot has been identified which has resulted in a small number of units not...

Class 2 Recall on Ventolin Accuhaler 200mcg 60 DS

Glaxo Wellcome UK Limited is recalling the below Lots of Ventolin Accuhaler 200mcg because a manufacturing issue with these Lots has been identified which has resulted in a small number of units not...

Class 2 Recall on Magnevist And Omniscan Solutions For Injection (Various Strengths)

All unexpired stock of the above products marketed by Bayer PLC and GE Healthcare AS is being recalled and should immediately be quarantined. This follows a safety review of the gadolinium containing...

Class 2 Drug Alert Sodium Cromoglicate 2% w/v 13.5 mL Eye Drops

FDC International Ltd is recalling the batches listed below as precautionary measure due to a precipitate observed in the bottles.

Class 2 Recall on Microdot Lite Lancet 1.8mm/28g (200)

Cambridge Sensors Ltd is recalling the above batch of Microdot Lite Lancet 1.8mm/28g over the concern of safety mechanism failure.

Class 2 Drug Alert Healon 0.55ml & 0.85ml

AMO United Kingdom Ltd has voluntarily initiated this recall action because a remote possibility exists that certain Healon OVD solutions in the affected lots may contain microscopic particles due to...
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