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Class 1 Recall on Valsartan

Dexcel Pharma Ltd and Actavis Group PTC (now Accord) are recalling all batches of Valsartan due to contamination.

Class 2 Recall on Denzapine 50mg/Ml Oral Suspension

Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd is recalling the below batches because of increased crystallisation of the active ingredient which may affect delivery of the full dose.

Class 2 Recall on Molipaxin 100mg Capsules

Zentiva is carrying out a precautionary recall due to the potential that during manufacture of the batch, the metal detector may not have functioned and therefore that the presence of metal particles...

Class 4 Drug Alert (Caution in use) Co-Amoxiclav 1000mg/200mg Powder for Solution

Wockhardt UK Ltd is recalling the below batches of Co-Amoxiclav 1000mg/200mg Powder for Solution due to a number of complaints of discolouration.

Field Safety Notice on Microdot Droplet Pen Needles

This is a Field Safety Notice, there is a precautionary notice on the use of the needles – some needles have been identified slightly bent.

Class 4 Drug Alert (Caution in use) Buccolam Oromuscosal Solution Pre-Filled Syringes

Shire has distributed the Direct Healthcare Professional Communication (DHCP) due to reports that the translucent tip-cap sometimes remains on the syringe tip when pulling the red cap off.

Class 3 Company-Led Drug Alert on Calcichew D3 500mg/400iu Capl

The above batch is being recalled because the product has been found to contain traces of a non-approved excipient (a Patchouli-like oil) which has inadvertently been added to the lemon flavouring...

Class 4 Drug Alert (Caution in use) Bleo-Kyowa Powder For Solution For Injection 15,000iu

Kyowa Kirin continues to investigate the root cause of quality defect in a batch of Bleo-Medac Powder for Solution for Injection, 15,000 IU - reports of glass particles, which resulted in recall in...

Class 4 Drug Alert (Caution in use) Physeptone 1mg/ml Oral Sol And Methadone 1mg/ml Oral Sol

Martindale Pharma has identified that a number of batches of the below products contain an error in the product label which affects the barcode and EAN number. When the barcode on the product label is...

Field Safety Notice Recall on Hydrosil Catheter

Bard Medical Division has identified that the product code/lot number combination listed above may have a sterile barrier breach where the catheter may be caught in the seal or protruding from the...
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