Customer portal

The Alliance Healthcare Customer Portal is our web-based reporting website which provides access to management reports and spend dashboards.

  • Convenient — 24/7 access to management reports and spend dashboard
  • VAT Summary - view summary information on the 1st day of each month (mid-afternoon)
  • Spend report - various ways to view your spend information over the past two financial years
  • Credit Limit - view your credit limit, current balance and available spend
  • LSS and OIE - see the status of your surcharges
  • Secure - we use industry standard encryption

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My login doesn't have permission to view credit limit information


Credit limit information can only be viewed by users who been provided with permission to access it. Access is typically only provided to those who are responsible for managing financial activities for an account.


  • If you should have access to credit limit information, this should be approved by the person who is responsible for financial activities for the account.
  • If you think you should have access because you are responsible for credit limits, contact Customer IT


  • Broadband internet access is recommended
  • An internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox)
  • Adobe PDF Reader

Need help?

Call Customer IT on 0800 032 2454 or