Health and Beauty

Alliance Healthcare's range of over 8,000 Health & Beauty products supported by key category range guidance helps our customers provide a great instore selection and offers to their consumers.

With the addition of our extensive range of monthly promotions and core seasonal offers, you can rely on Alliance Healthcare for all your Health & Beauty needs.

Our Health & Beauty offer

Range guidance

Having the right range on display in your retail space is essential.

We can offer advice on selecting the correct products and ensure that you can offer your customers the leading pharmacy brands, which are often advertised on TV, and therefore improve their shopping experience.

Monthly offers

Our Health & Beauty telesales team is on hand to help to keep you updated on the latest offers available across the Health & Beauty range.

Buying quantities

The majority of our Health & Beauty range is available in both single unit and case quantities so you can buy what ever quantity you may require, this helps reduce obsolescence and maximises your range and cash flow potential.

Transfer orders

You can place Transfer Orders with Alliance Healthcare with all the leading health and beauty manufacturers.

Our transfer order process ensures

  • You save time checking and putting orders away with a single delivery of all Counter and Pharmacy only products
  • Increased confidence with delivery made within 72 hours of receipt of order from the manufacturer
  • Ease of handling and products presented as intended by manufacturer with delivery in packs / outers where ordered
  • Check order completion and discounts with a Counter and Pharmacy Only products invoiced together.

Contact us

To place an order, call our telesales team on 0845 873 6166. Lines are open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.