Ethical, Generics & Parallel Imports


A wide range of branded pharmaceutical products, with excellent service levels, reflecting the needs of pharmacy and patients.

Supply chain agreements

We have a strong commitment to ensuring the evolution of the ethical supply chain continues to be in the best interests of our customers and we work closely with manufacturers to offer access to the best possible solutions and ensure continuity of supply to patients.

We have a number of supply chain arrangements in place with pharmaceutical suppliers.


Recognised as one of the most important product categories available to pharmacists in the market today, Alliance Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of generic medicines to suit the needs of pharmacy and their patients.

Working with the key generics suppliers, we also provide the award winning Almus Pharmaceuticals where packaging is designed to trigger active-thinking before dispensing, currently consisting of over 270 lines.

Parallel Imports (PIs)

We stock a comprehensive and competitive range of Parallel Import products and provide our customers with a variety of purchasing solutions that support individual customer needs.

Brand equalisation

Our brand equalisation schemes ensures pharmacists can dispense the UK branded product and benefit from competitive generic andPI margins.