Credit limits

When you open an account with Alliance Healthcare, we apply a credit limit to your account.

Credit limits are based on multiple factors, including established trading patterns, previous payment records and a credit reporting agency's assessment of the business.

Having a credit limit means it's easier to stay in control of what you're spending.  We'll always do our best to let you know when you're nearing your credit limit and if you exceed it.

If you do exceed your credit limit, you may not be able to place any orders until some or all of the balance is paid. To avoid that happening, we might suggest you make a top up payment if we see you're close to reaching your limit.

Additional credit limits set by manufacturers

The Alliance Healthcare credit limit excludes any additional credit limits set by

  • Pfizer
  • AstraZeneca
  • Astellas

Credit limit information on the customer portal

The customer portal shows the status of your Alliance Healthare credit limit

Green circle You are within your credit limit.
Orange square You are within 25% of your credit limit. Your orders will still be processed, but you should consider making a payment on your account.
Red Triangle You have exceeded your credit limit.  Your orders might not be processed. Contact to discuss your account.

Cash up front accounts

If you are a cash up front account, your credit limit will be £1. Your available balance will reflect any funds you have paid into your account.