Ordered in error surcharge

When you return 2% or more as ordered in error you will be charged £75

How we calculate the ordered in error surcharge

We use a simple calculation to work whether a surcharge will be made.

(lines returned as ordered in error ÷ lines purchased) * 100 = Ordered in error percentage.


You purchased 65 lines, but returned 5 lines as ordered in error.

(5 ÷ 65) * 100 = 7.69%

How do we calculate a line?

  • A line means the same product purchased on one line of each invoice.
  • If the same product is then purchased again (e.g. later in the month), it will be logged on a separate line.

What happens with Outers?

  • An outer of a product will be classed as one line.
  • For example, an outer of twenty-four of TUNES CHERRY (which contains twenty-four packs), will be classed as one line.
  • If you purchase a single of one product, this will also be classed as one line.

How to avoid the ordered in error surcharge

We've analysed customer purchase data, and in the majority of cases, customers who have returned a product as ordered in error one day, have gone on to purchase it again the next. When you have to return a product there is a cost to you and your business; the return needs to be authorised, and paperwork needs completing.

  • Be aware of the products you are ordering
  • Try to avoid sending product back, especially if you think it is likely you'll dispense it in the following days

Products exempt from the ordered in error surcharge

The ordered in error surcharge does not apply to products purchased from Alliance Healthcare that are part of an agency model.

We cannot accept returns of refrigerated items which have been ordered in error.

For full details, refer to our supply chain arrangements page  which lists manufacturers and products which are exempt from the ordered in error surcharge.