Online services

Within Alliance Healthcare, we have a number of online portals, allowing you to order, or manage your account at your convenience.

The easiest way to access our online services is through the Alliance Healthcare Portal – your one-stop shop for your Alliance Healthcare needs.

  • Ordering products with immediate access to AH Direct.
  • Ordering all your surgical appliances from NWOS.
  • Reporting a missing product with instant access to E-Missings.
  • Creating a returns note with access to process Returns.
  • View and access statements, invoices and credit notes through Your Docs 

New to the Portal?
Registration made easy!

It is now possible to self-register to the Portal, simply visit and click register to begin your registration process. Please have to hand the following details: Your account number, a suitable email address, and 3 invoices from the past week.

To find out more about our Online Services please click on the headings below:

  • Alliance Healthcare Direct - fast and easy access to our full product catalogue, with stock availability updated throughout the day
  • Your documents - total freedom to view copies of your invoices and credit notes for the last six months, with the benefit of viewing statements up to two days before you receive a paper copy in the post
  • Customer portal - our web-based reporting portal which provides access to management reports and spend dashboards
  • E-missing - our new and secure electronic missings claim process will be mandatory from 15 April 2019