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Direct Debit Mandate

Direct Debit is an efficient and cost effective method of settling your monthly trading account.


  • Prompt payment of your monthly trading account
  • Payment of multiple accounts through just one Direct Debit[1]
  • Save up to 50% in banking charges[2]
  • Fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee


If you would like to setup a Direct Debit mandate please call the Customer Finance Team on 020 3044 8960 or contact us via email:

To view frequently asked questions about Direct Debits please see below:


Frequently Asked Questions


When can I join the scheme?
You can join at any time.

We must have received the mandate by the 10th of the month for payment to be collected for the following month.

When is the payment taken from my account?
Payment is taken on the second working day of the month following the due date.

Why is the payment not taken on the last working day of the month?
The short delay allows for the NHS payment from the PPA/CSA to be received on to your bank account.

Can I cancel my Direct Debit at any time?
Yes. Write to your bank/building society and to Alliance Healthcare instructing the Direct Debit to be cancelled.

We must receive your letter by the 20th of the month so we can cancel the Direct Debit before we take payment for the current month. We recommend that you organise another suitable payment method to avoid late payment and loss of any discounts.

What are the advantages to my joining the scheme?

  1. Saves time - no need to get a cheque signed
  2. Reduced bank charges - banks typically charge 50% less to process a Direct Debit than a cheque
  3. Prompt allowance of discount
  4. Saves money – no expenses on postage and stationary

What if I dispute the amount charged?
Contact Customer Finance on 020 3044 8960 or email

You can also contact your bank/building society who will arrange full reimbursement for any disputed amounts under the Direct Debit Guarantee arrangement.

How will I know how much is going to be charged to my bank account?
Your Alliance Healthcare trading account statement is sent to you within the first week of the month indicating the amount which will be charged.

You have up until the 25th of the month to query the amount.

Direct Debit, BACS payment and Internet transfer deadlines?
Direct Debit payments are taken from your bank account on the second working day of the following month that payments are due.

BACS Payments must be credited to Alliance Healthcare's bank account by the last working day of the month. This means your bank account will be debited 3 to 7 working days earlier to make sure payments are received on time.

Internet payments must be debited from your bank account 3 to 7 working days before the last working day of the month.

Remember to take into account the weekend and any bank holidays.

Need help?

Call Customer Finance on 020 3044 8960 or email

[1] Providing all accounts are in the same name and through the same bank.
[2] Depending on your own specific bank money transmission tariff.