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Our Supply Chain Arrangements

Welcome to the Alliance Healthcare directory for agencysolus and dual arrangements. We have changed the way we display these supply chain arrangements to make the information available easier to access for our customers. 

The downloadable spreadsheet details all manufacturers and their products included in a Supply Chain Arrangement and the relevant surcharge exemptions per line.

Last updated: 02/07/2024

In order to download the below file we recommend using Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Unfortunately it will not download on Google Chrome.




*Only products found on the Health and Beauty Directory.

Click here to see the Health and Beauty Product Directory

**Apart from those that fall under Market Group Specials. These are exempt from the above 3 surcharges.

Alliance Healthcare regularly reviews and updates the information on this page. Despite all due care, data may change from time to time. Therefore we do not assume any liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.

Hospital agreements may vary, please contact Alliance Healthcare for more information.  

Key :

  • Reduced wholesaler — Retains traditional wholesaler model but with reduced number of wholesaler (discounts negotiated with wholesaler)
  • All of the  manufacturers with an agreement may be subject to £350 threshold before discount (per manufacturer) as detailed in our Medical Trading Terms, apart from those manufacturers with a solus arrangement and those marked with an asterisk
  • Please click here for details regarding surcharges