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Building effective healthcare supply chain solutions.

Building effective healthcare supply chain solutions.

Service excellence and innovation.

Specialist, 3rd Party (3PL) logistics services

Alloga, our specialist provider of supply chain solutions for healthcare manufacturers, can support your company with a broad range of logistics, order management, packing, and warehousing solutions. We offer quality-centered approach, combined with innovative, flexible solutions.

Pharmaceutical warehousing

Alloga offers pharmaceutical warehousing facilities for a broad range of products, including temperature-controlled and cold chain products. With 1,340,000 square feet of warehousing space in the UK, we’re ideally placed to assist with your specialist storage needs. Plus, we can provide you with pharmaceutical warehousing solutions that are customised to your exact requirements.

Healthcare logistics and distribution

Alloga is an effective solution for all your logistics needs, from pharmaceutical transport and cold chain management to promotional material and pharmaceutical serialization. Offering logistics expertise, personnel trained to GDP standards, and a rigorous, quality-centric approach, we are a safe, long term partner for manufacturing companies seeking a specialist approach.

Order management

Through Alloga, we provide simple, streamlined solutions for delivering healthcare and pharmaceutical products to your customers, including hospitals, retailers, pharmacies, or other healthcare providers. Taking a quality-centric approach, we take pride in our solutions for handling supply chain demand planning, order fulfillment, sample ordering, and order-to-cash, providing you with an end-to-end solution for customer orders and processing payments.

Contract packing

Alloga’s packaging and labeling facilities are ISO-certified and based in the same regulatory approved, GDP-compliant location as our logistics services. This cuts down cost and transit time and makes us an effective partner for healthcare companies. Respond to regulatory changes with GMP Repacking & Relabeling, or make sure your products are retail-ready and customer-specific with our co-packing and bundling service.

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