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Alliance Healthcare continues its support in the fight against cancer

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Alliance Healthcare continues its support in the fight against cancer

Today is World Cancer Day - a day that unites people, communities and the world by raising cancer awareness.


At Alliance Healthcare, we are proud of how we have been supporting the fight against cancer through Alcura, our patient care business, and the dedicated fundraising support of our employees.


We may be in the process of battling COVID-19 but every working day we continue to deliver approximately 16,500 oncology medicines. Through our Alcura services we deliver a range of oncology medicines and cancer treatments.


Our team of dedicated oncology nurses continues to provide vital homecare support to over 100 patients as part of their cancer treatment. The nurses are qualified to administer a range of oncology drugs, post chemotherapy, to help prevent the reoccurrence of cancer, as well as provide holistic support, including telephone counselling, to help patients manage the side effects of chemotherapy.


Paul Robinson, National Nurse Manager, says: “When we first meet a patient, they are usually very poorly and recovering from months of gruelling chemotherapy and often need lots of reassurance and support.  As cancer nurses we can give the support they need and in this way, a trusting relationship develops.”


Since 2012 Alliance Healthcare has raised and donated over £900k for EORTC Cancer Research Fund . Our dedicated employees have been instrumental in achieving this by organising and taking part in a number of fundraising activities including an annual football and netball tournament, kayaking, cycling and hiking challenges, half marathons and marathons, family fun days, bake sales and quiz nights, and more!


Even through COVID-19 our teams have maintained that support by joining in with an Easter egg competition, photo competitions, lockdown lottos and raffles – and all in a COVID-secure way.


At Alliance Healthcare, we are committed to continue fighting for a cancer-free future.


Alliance Healthcare UK team                       Alcura Nurse


Alliance Healthcare team members:

Clockwise from top left: Emma Cooper, Emma Crake, Joanne Aspinall, Steve Smith, Ben Miles, David Wood, Ryan Newell, Kunal Nath. Tasnim Ali, Clare Pretty and Janice Clarke, Matt Addison, Krystian Zurawski, Georgia Unsworth

Alucura National Nurse Manager, Paul Robinson