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Calling Pharmacy England Contractors: Claim Your COVID-19 Costs Now!

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Calling Pharmacy England Contractors: Claim Your COVID-19 Costs Now!


With just five days to go, Alliance Healthcare is urging pharmacy contractors in England to claim for all extra COVID-19 costs they have incurred during the pandemic. The deadline is 23:59 on Sunday 15th August.


Ashley Kilgas, Sales Director at Alliance Healthcare said: “Alliance Healthcare urges all pharmacy contractors to, as a matter of urgency, ensure they apply to claim back extra COVID-19 costs they incurred during the pandemic. It is imperative all contractors carry out this exercise and submit their claim before the deadline. There is a range of support and resources on the PSNC website to aid the claims made, please visit: 


Ian Barnes, Head of Field Operations at Alphega Pharmacy UK said: “The Alphega Pharmacy team has over the last few weeks been visiting and calling its members to offer support in the COVID-19 extra costs claiming process. What is apparent to our teams is that some pharmacies have not yet started looking at their claim submissions and in some cases some members are struggling to ascertain what their costs are. The Alphega Pharmacy Business Mentor team are out in the field to support members in this area – and my dedicated field team of 10 people are fully committed to help. All Alphega Pharmacy members that need any support in this subject so please contact:


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