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Celebrating World Children's Day

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Celebrating World Children's Day

This 20 November 2020, see’s Alliance Healthcare recognising World Children Day by setting our colleagues a cooking challenge to raise funds for our wonderful charity partner, Vitamin Angels UK, kindly supported by the sponsor of our event, the LCM Group an established company located in the North West who’s business includes the Design, Building and Maintenance of commercial properties and complexes within the UK.


Using only £5 or less, our internal teams have been asked to create a healthy dish to raise awareness of childhood nutrition in the UK.


It is estimated that one in four children in the UK are from low income households and are at risk for food insecurity.  With limited resources, food insecure families often resort to purchasing inexpensive and sometime unhealthy foods.  With our colleagues help, we’re hoping to create some low cost, healthy alternatives for inspiration!


Vitamin Angels UK is a global charity that fights childhood malnutrition in the UK and around the world. In the UK, Vitamin Angels has a supplemental feeding programme that supports children from low-income communities who can benefit from increased access to better nutrition. The cost to reach a child with a nutritious serving of food is only 20p. Globally, Vitamin Angels provides women and  children with life-changing vitamins and minerals. They work in over 70 countries around the world and reach over 70 million women and children every year.


Our thanks go out to our exclusive sponsor of this event, the LCM Group, for their support in helping to raise awareness of our chosen charity.


To find out more about the fantastic work of  Vitamin Angels UK or to contribute to our charity partner, click here.