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Class 2 Recall - Diazepam Rectubes 2.5mg Rectal Solution

Recalls and Alerts

Class 2 Recall

Class 2 Recall - Diazepam Rectubes 2.5mg Rectal Solution

Wockhardt UK Ltd are recalling a batch of Diazepam RecTubes 2.5mg Rectal Solution due to an out of specification result for assay during routine stability testing.


MHRA drug alert link:


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Further Information


For more information, medical or supply enquiries, please contact:


For stock control queries, please contact:


Please return all affected stock to your original supplier for credit. Unfortunately we can only accept stock purchased from us (Alliance Healthcare Distribution Limited). Any other stock will be returned to your stores/Pharmacies.


Please note that anything not returned to us, or notified to us, within 3 months of this notification, cannot be reimbursed by way of a credit.