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Lateral flow test distribution – a message on behalf of UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) – 22 December 2021

Service Updates


Lateral flow test distribution – a message on behalf of UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) – 22 December 2021


A UKHSA spokesperson said:

“Despite unprecedented demand, we are continuing to supply millions of rapid lateral flow tests every day.


“We are issuing record numbers of rapid test kits to people’s homes across the country, and our delivery capacity has doubled to 900,000 test kits per day since Saturday 18 December so more people can order tests. Over the weekend of the 18th December over 7 million lateral flow tests were distributed to households ordering online.


“A temporary issue with UKHSA's supply chain has delayed supplies of rapid test kits to Alliance Healthcare and has, in turn, caused some disruption to the supply of these kits to community pharmacies. UKHSA is working with its partners to resolve this and normal service will resume shortly. Community pharmacies can access the latest information via their association or myahportal. Last week saw record numbers of rapid tests distributed by the wholesaler to pharmacies, with over 11 million test kits sent.”


Additional background information:

  • – In exceptional demand there may be temporary pauses in ordering or collecting tests, to ensure that distribution can be managed effectively across the system.

  • – The UKHSA and Royal Mail announced capacity for home deliveries for COVID-19 testing kits will double to 900,000 a day in response to a week of unprecedented demand.

  • – Healthcare workers can access LFDs from the usual routes that are open to the public (home delivery, pharmacy collection, and some community settings).


Order information from Alliance Healthcare
  • You are advised to place orders as normal via your usual ordering systems. If sufficient product is available on the day you place your order, it will be supplied. Orders may take up to three days from order placement to delivery.

  • England only: please use pip code 8943995 to place your order which will automatically defer to which ever product is in stock at the time.

  • You should only order 1 carton per day. Any orders above this quantity will not be supplied. Please continue to order via your normal ordering systems and the myahportal


Posters to support you with patient communications

The UKHSA has created a poster for pharmacies to download, print and display on premises, which you can find here.


Zero tolerance posters are also available from the CRC as well which you can access here.


Message from the Pharmacy Collect team at UKHSA

“We would like to thank all staff at Alliance Healthcare for their ongoing efforts to help distribute test kits on our behalf. We recognise that at times it can be challenging dealing with difficult calls and queries and want to acknowledge the hard work that all staff, such as people working in the warehouse, call centre and drivers, are doing to help the efforts in the fight against COVID. We urge our members to visit the Alliance Healthcare website and myahportal for regular updates on this situation.”