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Lateral flow test – latest update

Service Updates


Lateral flow test – latest update


Latest information from Alliance Healthcare and UKHSA regarding lateral flow test distribution – 27 January


Alliance Healthcare continue to work with the UKHSA on the distribution of lateral flow tests to support the Pharmacy Collect scheme.


We recognise the challenging situation many pharmacy teams are facing to support the UK in the fight against COVID-19. Your dedication is truly appreciated, and we thank you for your patience during this period.

Demand for lateral flow tests has softened across the board; however, UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is supplying the Pharmacy Collect channel daily and over 10 million lateral flow tests are currently delivered to community pharmacies by Alliance Healthcare weekly.


Alliance Healthcare is in contact with UKHSA on a daily basis to obtain updates on supply to allow our Service Centres to plan for incoming stock consignments. There may be supply and logistical challenges for pharmacy deliveries which can affect any region at any time.


The UKHSA adds: “There are enough lateral flow tests for those who need them with 90m tests expected to be distributed each week for the next few weeks across all channels. Over 400m rapid tests are scheduled to be distributed across the UK in January.” The UKHSA and Alliance Healthcare continue to work together to increase the continuity of supply into pharmacy, develop the logistical options to deliver lateral flow devices to community pharmacy, this includes receiving deliveries at some Alliance Healthcare service centres on a Saturday, and receiving some stock directly from airports.


Further updates and PIP code information will be shared on the Alliance Healthcare Customer Portal (link: myahportal) and the Alliance Healthcare website.


Since the start of the Pharmacy Collect scheme, Alliance Healthcare has distributed over 265 million lateral flow tests to community pharmacy in the UK.