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Ticker Update



Alliance Healthcare Your Docs Has a New Home

Alliance Healthcare has developed its latest functionality – ‘Your Docs', on the Alliance Healthcare Portal, a system that provides customers with a simplified approach to access multiple Alliance Healthcare systems and order products online, including surgical orders from NWOS.


As part of its digital evolution, Alliance Healthcare has moved the old ‘Your Docs' system to the new Alliance Healthcare Portal, with the following customer benefits:


  • Convenient – 24/7 access to your statements, invoices and credit notes from the past 6 months
  • User friendly – we've simplified the searching tool
  • Paper-free – reduce clutter by storing your statements on your computer as a PDF"

Over 11,000 customers have now registered for the portal. Kate from Cooper's Pharmacy, Belfast said: "It is extremely easy to use. I can check quickly if something is in stock. It also allows me to place and track NWOS orders as well. We just can't imagine now not using it!"


The portal is accessible at customers can self-register in just 15 minutes.


To support customers during the registration and in using the Portal, a ChatBot system has been enabled that offers instant question and answer support for the user. Online support is also available via email at:, and a helpline on 0330 100 0448 - option 8, for any technical support and assistance.


The old Your Docs system has now closed.


Silent Heroes – supporting healthcare delivery (video)

Across the healthcare industry we are all working tirelessly to help support the NHS and patients across the UK. As a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler, we recognise and embrace our role in providing front line support to you and your patients during the current COVID-19 global pandemic.


We've produced a short video of our wonderful employees who are the silent heroes doing all they can to support UK healthcare delivery


Watch the video here