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Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel is a significant cost to a business of our scale and scope and we monitor its cost on a regular basis. We have shielded our customers from price increases for the last two years, however this is no longer sustainable. Therefore, in line with the market, increasing diesel prices and to continue providing the high levels of service our customers expect, we have unfortunately had to re-introduce this charge.

The surcharge will only affect customers that purchase products outside of our solus agreements within a given month. We are pleased to be able to exempt all customers spending over £10,000 in that month on non-solus products from this charge.

All items must be delivered within the current month for them to count towards that month’s sales. All items delivered after the end of month will then contribute towards the next month’s sales.

We commit to being open and transparent on any surcharge we apply, which will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Customers will be charged one month in arrears and diesel prices used for the calculations will be in accordance with the approved monthly statistics on the AA website page as follows –

The fuel surcharge will be levied based upon the below criteria and will be updated regularly:


fuel table


So for example, the latest diesel price (for October 2023) was 162.6 p/litre. This results in a £44.00 fuel charge for the month of October as it is above the minimum charge price of 118.0 p/litre

Please liaise with your usual Alliance Healthcare representative for further advice as required.