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Medical Terms and Conditions

Medical Terms and Conditions

These Medical Trading Terms apply in addition to Alliance Healthcare's standard terms and conditions of sale and additional terms and conditions.

The following levels of Qualifying Medical Spend is required per month in order to qualify for the corresponding Eligible Medical Discount:

Qualify spend

Spend on the following lines constitute Qualifying Medical Spend:Qualifying Medical Spend

  • Medical lines (as listed in the Medical Directory)
  • Surgical lines (as listed in the Medical Directory

Except products in respect of which Alliance Healthcare is the sole distributor.

Eligible Medical Discount

The Eligible Medical Discount is applied to spend over £975 per month on all relevant medical and surgical lines that have been marked with a tick within the Medical Directory. For example, if the spend on relevant medical and surgical lines in any month is £1000, the discount will apply to £25 of that spend.

In addition some products are marked with "RWAD" denoting that these products are eligible for discount at the Alliance Healthcare Reduced Wholesaler Agreement Discount rate. The discount for some manufacturers may be subject to a threshold of £350 per month for each manufacturer if the total Alliance Healthcare Spend (excluding Solus) for that month is below £10,000. Details can be found on the Supply Chain Agreement Table.

Please contact your account manager if you have any questions regarding the above

Notes on Direct to Pharmacy/Agency Agreements

Astellas and Pfizer products are sold directly to you by the respective manufacturers and Alliance Healthcare is acting purely as the logistics service provider on behalf of these manufacturers. All products will continue to be invoiced by Alliance Healthcare on behalf of the respective manufacturers.

Within the medical directory, Pfizer products are marked with an "N". The trade price shown is the NHS list price.

Payment should be made in accordance with the relevant manufacturer's payment terms. Alliance Healthcare is not responsible for paying customers any discounts they may have negotiated with manufacturers on Direct to Pharmacy/Agency agreements.

If you have product issues, pricing queries or other queries regarding products included in Direct to Pharmacy/Agency agreements please contact the relevant manufacturer directly on the numbers detailed below:

Pfizer: 0345 608 8866

Astellas: 01784 419615