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Powering healthcare marketing and sales.

Powering healthcare marketing and sales.

Unique pharmacy network access.

Tailored healthcare marketing solutions for you.

Engaging pharmacists and delivering a strong in-store presence are crucial factors in boosting brand awareness and sales. With our wide reaching UK pharmacy network, Alliance Healthcare is an ideal partner for maximising your marketing and sales efforts. From running sell-out campaigns to delivering customer/channel strategy, we have a range of services to build a solution tailored to your needs.

Early access programs

Alcura, our service dedicated to patient care, offers the expertise that’s necessary for pharmaceutical companies to create effective early access programs during the pre-launch period. We help you navigate the complex processes that govern this highly-regulated activity with our best-in-class logistics expertise.

Customer and channel strategy

Through Alliance Healthcare extensive pharmacy reach, as well as the support of Alphega Pharmacy, we offer unique pharmacy knowledge and credible data-gathering ability. We provide data analytics and customer research capabilities, enabling you to optimize channel and customer prioritisation to make every launch a success and increase your sales.

Pharmacist training and marketing

Ideal for driving product recommendations and raising your company’s expert profile, Alliance Healthcare offers a broad range of pharmacist training services through Alphega Pharmacy and Skills in Healthcare. Whether you require a face-to-face contract salesforce, telemarketing, telesales, or e-learning solution, Alliance Healthcare can provide a tailored program that’s designed for your exact requirements.

When delivering or sponsoring pharmacist training, our pharmacy expertise and unique access to the Boots and Alphega networks ensures excellent coverage. Plus, our broad European coverage enables your company to gain market access into multiple countries, coordinated centrally with the help of local experts.

Sell-out support

Alphega Pharmacy can support your business with in-pharmacy seasonal and health awareness campaigns. This helps to raise awareness of health topics and drive category growth, while also providing brand promotion opportunities. Through Skills in Healthcare, we also offer in-store marketing, merchandising, and POS support, to ensure your products get excellent visibility and your promotional activities are implemented with compliance. With over 1,000 Alphega Pharmacy members across the UK , as well as a range of digital tools, by partnering with us you can achieve high patient and consumer reach.

*As at August 31 2019

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