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Returns Policy

Please note we are unable to accept the return of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products ordered in error.

Please ensure that you continue to check your orders carefully before transmission. 

1. When can I return products?

Products may be returned to Alliance Healthcare: (i) if we make an error in delivery, (ii) deliver damaged or faulty products (see below), (iii) where the product is subject to a recall or (iv) in limited cases, if you make an order error 

2.  How do I return an item?

The way to return an item is to do this via the Alliance Healthcare Portal, (myAHPortal). Please visit Once you are registered you can complete your returns, missing claims and orders all from the same web portal. From 1 February 2021, If you do not process your return through myAHportal without good reason we may not credit you for your returned goods.

If you are unable to access myAHPortal you should contact Customer Services (0330 100 0448) who will support you with your return.

For more information about the returns process and how to complete the returns process, please refer to A Guide to Alliance Healthcare 

You must keep a copy of the returns note and the driver must sign and date it to acknowledge that the products have been received. We may refuse any claim for credit unless you can provide proof of collection if we ask for it.

Returned products which are not being returned as recalls, faulty or damaged (e.g. where we have made an error) must be in perfect original condition, not marked in any way and must not show any sign of having been tampered with (see exclusions at paragraph 3 below in relation to products which cannot be returned if ordered in error by you).

All products must be kept in the storage conditions appropriate for that product until collection. 

3.  Are there any products that cannot be returned? 

You cannot return to us the following types of products where these have been ordered in error by you:

(i)     specials (non-stocked and unlicensed medicines);

(ii)    refrigerated products;

(iii)   veterinary medicines; or

(iv)   Decommissioned FMD products (as described below).

(v)   Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), being disposable gloves, aprons, coveralls, gowns, masks, eye and face protection. 

(vi)  Lateral flow device (LFD) test kits.

We may not be able to accept returned products we have supplied which are covered by a transfer order unless you have received authorisation.  Please contact Customer Services for more information..

4.  How long do I have to return products that i have ordered in error or which Alliance Healthcare has made an error?

The products to be returned should be given to the delivery driver on your next morning delivery (Monday to Friday) and returned to us no later than three working days from receipt (beginning the day after you receive the product), telling us the reasons why. 

The table below sets out the return requirements for the different categories of products.

If you want to return products and you do not expect to receive another delivery within the three (3) working day period you should notify Customer Services and request a collection.  If you do not request a pick up to enable us to collect within the three (3) working day period and the products are returned to us after this time we are not obliged to accept them or provide a credit.

5.  Returning Faulty or Damaged Products

You may return at any time a product that has been returned by a patient as faulty. The allegedly faulty item should be packed separately and registered on the returns system and returned to your local service centre as soon as possible. Please note faulty Pfizer, GSK, Astellas or Novo Nordisk products should be returned directly to the manufacturer and not Alliance Healthcare.

If you are returning damaged or faulty: (i) refrigerated products (ii) Schedule 2 or 3 safe custody controlled drugs or (iii) hazardous products, you shouldcomplete the return via myAHPortal within one (1) working day.  These products should be packaged separately and given to your driver at the next opportunity. 

Hazardous products should be packaged separately in line with the statutory safeguards which relate to handling hazardous chemicals. You must let the driver or collections agent know, when they come to collect the products, in what way they are hazardous.

Products which need temperature controlled storage can only be returned provided that you have stored them correctly whilst in your possession even if these are reportedly faulty or damaged. You must let the driver or collections agent know about the temperature conditions required. 

6.  Returning FMD Products

Returned product that is subject to the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) (i.e. prescription only medicine that has the two safety features, the 2D barcode and anti-tamper device applied) can only be returned (i) if the anti-tamper device has not be damaged and (ii) the FMD product has not been de-commissioned before being returned by you. If a FMD product is returned and it does not verify on return, we shall not be able to credit you for this returned product.

We cannot accept returns of FMD products from Article 23 customers, i.e. where the product was decommissioned by Alliance Healthcare before being sent to you.

 7.  Can I return products ordered in error?

You can return certain products you have ordered in error but you may have to pay a surcharge. We cannot accept returns of refrigerated items which have been ordered in error.

When you return 2% or more as ordered in error the following charges will apply, depending on the percentage of returns equal to or greater than 2%:



How we calculate the ordered in error surcharge

We use a simple calculation to work out whether a surcharge will be made.

(lines returned as ordered in error ÷ lines purchased) * 100 = Ordered in error percentage.


You purchased 65 lines, but returned 5 lines as ordered in error.

(5 ÷ 65) * 100 = 7.69%

How do we calculate a line?

  • A line means the same product purchased on one line of each invoice.
  • If the same product is then purchased again (e.g. later in the month), it will be logged on a separate line.

What happens with Outers?

  • An outer of a product will be classed as one line.
  • For example, an outer of twenty-four of TUNES CHERRY (which contains twenty-four packs), will be classed as one line.
  • If you purchase a single of one product, this will also be classed as one line.

How to avoid the ordered in error surcharge 

We've analysed customer purchase data, and in the majority of cases, customers who have returned a product as ordered in error one day, have gone on to purchase it again the next. When you have to return a product there is a cost to you and your business; the return needs to be authorised, and paperwork needs completing.

  • Be aware of the products you are ordering
  • Try to avoid sending product back, especially if you think it is likely you'll dispense it in the following days

Products exempt from the ordered in error surcharge

The ordered in error surcharge does not apply to products purchased from Alliance Healthcare that are part of an agency model.

For full details, refer to our supply chain arrangements page  which lists manufacturers and products which are exempt from the ordered in error surcharge.

8.  Recalls

Medicinal products supplied to you by Alliance Healthcare which are recalled by the manufacturer, product licence holder or regulatory authority will be accepted by Alliance Healthcare in line with the specific instructions given at the time of the recall (these will be available on the Alliance Healthcare website).

All products must be packaged separately, and registered through the returns system on myAHPortal. Credit will be issued by us as authorised by the manufacturer or product licence holder concerned at the time specified by them. Generally credit is usually only given for the first 12 weeks after the beginning of the recall.

Returns can be made by visiting and selecting the returns button

table 1



In all cases

  • If no regular delivery is scheduled within the three working days customer to phone Customer Services to request collection.
  • Faulty or damaged products covered by a transfer order are not accepted as returns unless the customer has received authorisation from Customer Services.
  • The timeframes specified apply from when the Product is delivered, or in the case of damaged or faulty products, when the customer becomes aware of the fault or damage if later.

For missing goods click the Missings box on myAHPortal