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Ticker Update




National Driver shortage

HGV drivers


It has been widely covered in the UK press that there is a shortage of HGV drivers available across the country.


As a business, Alliance Healthcare and all subsidiary companies have a strong network of HGV drivers. One third of our workforce have achieved long service awards, with more than ten years’ experience, and tremendous loyalty to the business. This gives us confidence that we are in a safe place with regard to employment in this sector and our role in supporting the UK patient.


Van drivers


With our daily driver population we are experiencing two main issues: COVID absence rates due to isolations and a recruitment shortage across the country. With one of these complications in isolation our service levels would be maintained, however with both at once, it does cause some difficulties.


You may have recently experienced some missing deliveries on occasion from certain service centres for which we apologise and hope this has not significantly impacted supply to your patients. Please be assured that where this has occurred, we have endeavoured to, and will continue to let you know as soon as possible and provide information through the myahprtal.


How we are mitigating the situation


On a day by day basis, teams across operations are working hard to ensure that these challenges impact service as little as possible. This includes dynamic route changing, prioritisation and altering staffing. There is also an ongoing recruitment drive to encourage drivers to join our business. We encourage you all to refer any individuals to us if they could be suitable for a role.


Committed to supporting our customers and patients

Despite these current challenges, maintaining a stable service to customers remains our priority and we thank you for your continued support. The UK patient is at the heart of everything we do and we appreciate your continued dedication.


We will continue to keep you updated on the situation as it evolves.



Monday 12 July 2021 Bank Holiday Opening Hours - Northern Ireland

Dear Customers


Please note that Belfast Service Centre will be closed on Monday 12 July and is offering full service on Tuesday 13 July.

Any orders placed over the weekend between 10-11 July will be delivered Tuesday 13 July AM.  If a customer is closed, delivery will be made on Wednesday 14 July.


Any orders placed on Monday 12 July, will be delivered on Tuesday 13 July.  If a customer is closed, delivery will be made on Wednesday 14 July.


In the event of an emergency (i.e., urgent CD lines being required) when Belfast Service Centre is open or closed, please call customer service on 0330 100 0448


Outside of normal opening hours, when you enter your account number, you will hear a message advising you of your supplying Service Centre which you will need to make a note of, you will then be directed to the out of hours security company who will handle your call and direct it to the appropriate service centre.


The previous numbers will no longer be in use, so please ensure you update your records with the number above to ensure there is no delay with your request.


Please note, all emergency call outs will incur a £100 charge, plus courier charges.




Late May 2021 Bank Holiday Opening Hours now available

To help keep our customers informed of changes to our service, we have published our Late May 2021 Bank Holiday opening hours.

Click here



We’re going paperless! Customer monthly statements available via myahportal

As part of our on-going commitment to reduce our impact on the environment as well as helping you self-serve, we would like to inform customers that Monthly Statements are available to access on myahportal and we will shortly stop sending customers printed copies.


From the July statement onwards, these will be online only via  From August your monthly statements will no longer be posted.


Benefits to online statements:

1. Instant access to documents – no need to wait for the statement to arrive by post and you can also get access to a rolling 12 months’ of statements, which can be downloaded and stored on your local device

2. Quick, safe and secure – peace of mind that statements will only be accessible by authorised persons

3. Environmental impact – by reducing the need to print an average of four pages of paper per customer, we’ll save approximately 720,000 sheets of paper – that’s more than 50 trees a year, based on current statistics

4. Fuel Savings - help us and the Royal Mail reduce fuel consumption by removing approximately 180,000 statement delivered per year, thus reducing our carbon footprint - a major contributor to global climate change


The benefits don’t stop there! The portal provides you easy access to:

 - Ordering products with immediate access to AH Direct

 - Ordering all your surgical appliances fromNWOS

 - Reporting a missing product with instant access to E-Missings

 - Creating a returns note with access to ‘Returns’

 - View and access statements, invoices and credit notes through Your Docs (where applicable)


Here to Help

We would now like to encourage all customers to view their monthly statements on and would be happy to support with any queries. If you experience any difficulties and require support please contact the Customer Portal Team on 0330 100 0448 – option 8 or email with ‘Online Monthly Statements’ in the title of your email.

Thank you in advance for your support and co-operation with our move to online monthly statements.



Early May 2021 Bank Holiday Opening Hours now available

To help keep our customers informed of changes to our service, we have published our Early May 2021 Bank Holiday opening hours. 

Click here



Easter 2021 Bank Holiday Opening Hours now available

To help keep our customers informed of changes to our service, we have published our Easter 2021 Bank Holiday opening hours. 


Please click here to find out more



Service Disruption at Leeds Service Centre

There may be some delays to orders in the Leeds area today, due to the adverse weather conditions. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Please contact Customer Service with any critical requirements.


Out of Hours Emergency Delivery – Important change for Croydon Service Centre only

Unfortunately, due to issues outside of our control, we are making our Croydon Service Centre customers aware of a change to our out of hours contact details. This is the contact for emergency deliveries for use when our service centre is closed. 


From 6pm on Thursday 10th December 2020, Croydon Service Centre customers contact for out of hours emergency deliveries* will be Securitas on 0844 725 5568. During the call, it will be essential that customers quote their Alliance Healthcare account number, a contact number and also state that you they are supplied by Croydon Service Centre.


The out of hours number can always be obtained by calling our Customer Service number (0330 100 0448) out of hours to hear the pre-recorded message.


Please note this change is only for Croydon Service Centre.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.